Our vision is for the Armenian tech network to become an indispensable global asset that creates positive impact on the world.

What is the Armenian tech network?

The Armenian tech network is an open and globally connected community of entrepreneurs and technologists with a shared mission to strengthen Armenia and the global Armenian nation.

Why is it important to be indispensable?

To be indispensable means providing value essential to the world and uniquely taking advantage of Armenia’s global presence and ability to connect and collaborate. Armenia’s success becomes a factor in the success for people globally, who then have a vested interest in Armenia’s growth and security.

Why is it important to make a positive impact?

Success can be achieved in many ways. By declaring that we wish to make a positive impact, we’re choosing to achieve our goals in a way that leaves the world a better place to live in, not worse, for everyone. In other words, we’re choosing to put our humanity first. We hope this inspires the global community to connect with our vision. We also believe this is the foundation of a healthy community.


Our mission is to build an organized, cohesive network of change-makers to enable and accelerate learning and collaboration for mutual benefit.

How do we plan to achieve this mission?

  • Foster a trusted network: Create a supportive environment where change-makers can connect, collaborate, and learn from one another.
  • Empower community champions: Identify and support individuals who lead and drive strategic initiatives and ecosystems within the network.
  • Develop shared knowledge: Build a shared knowledge base and tools that facilitate efficient discovery and connection.
  • Promote inclusivity: Encourage global entrepreneurs and technologists to join and leverage the Armenian tech network and contribute to its shared mission.
  • Leverage network expertise: Utilize the collective knowledge and skills of the network to address critical challenges and opportunities.
  • Build on existing buy-in: Focus on demonstrating value by building on the contributions of those who are already committed to the network's vision.

By achieving this mission, HyeTech envisions a world where the Armenian network unites, collaborates, and leads the way in making the world a better place, with a shared mission that inspires and includes a global community.