Entrepreneur Immersion Program

HyeTech EIP 2022

July 15-24, 2022 Los Angeles and Silicon Valley

HyeTech EIP 2022 has been designed to provide promising Armenian startup founders the opportunity to learn what in Silicon Valley is conducive for global startups. It's a 10-days intensive program in Los Angeles and Silicon Valley aiming to help the founders to:
  • understand how best to engage with SV on an on-going basis and draw maximum value;
  • discover key subject matter experts and business leaders in their industry, including competitors, partners and potential customers;
  • feel the vibes and dynamics of SV culture; practice more frequently empathy in personal and professional relationships.
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    Participant startups


    a SaaS eCommerce builder platform, which is built to load fast, convert and scale eCommerce sales quickly.


    Wirestock is the easiest way to sell content online. We help creators sell on the largest stock content marketplaces from a single place.


    Uteach is an all-in-one platform and website builder with a custom-built solution making the launch of an online school a matter of several minutes.


    TAssist aims to improve treatment of spinal disorders and disk herniations.


    Schedex is an operations focused employee management and shift-scheduling SaaS for F&B and hospitality industries in Middle East, North Africa and Europe.


    Orderbyte is the all-in-one digital storefront, ordering system and virtual restaurant builder for commercial kitchens.


    Manot diagnoses the anomalies in the real-world domain which can disrupt the effectiveness of your model.


    HopShop is Shazam for Fashion. It's a mobile app, that helps shoppers to find and buy any clothes and accessories seen on the web, social media, and even in real life.

    Garoon Tech

    Garoon Tech develops a digital platform for professional agricultural consultancy - a mobile application connecting farmers with agronomists.


    LeeLoo helps AI engineers to optimize the dataset while developing models and cut production time up to 60%.


    eSwap is a B2B cloud-based inventory, order and shipping management SaaS platform for multi-channel sellers, retailers, brands and wholesalers.


    Dowork.ai Bot is a Slack and MS Teams chatbot that helps teams to run async standups and keep the Jira board up to date.


    Buildern is a growth and operational excellence engine for small construction companies.


    Akilea is a mobile app that creates a personalized beauty and wellness routines for its users.

    10X Immersive

    We are a deep-tech startup in virtual reality. We develop evidence-based solutions with Hypno content, that help children to relieve their pain and stress.


    The program is designed to guide founders through first sales and fundraising.
    The main focus of the Program was on:

    First sales

    setup and turn on sales engine

    Sessions and Talks

    Meet domain experts, professionals and investors from the chosen industries

    Company Visits

    Meet and interact with leading companies, venture capitalists and accelerators



    Artem Harutyunyan

    Co-Founder and CTO at bardeen.ai

    Relocating to Silicon Valley, raising Venture Capital remotely

    Arra G. Yerganian

    President at Laurel Springs School

    Building a member-driven, comprehensive, differentiated and unified brand voice

    Ben Toker

    Intersection Between Human + AI | Entrepreneur | Strategist | Advisor

    Failure, resillience and stress management

    Claire Degerin-Ricard

    Immigration Attorney

    US Immigration Law for startups: Visa needs, requirements, processes

    Daniil Stolyarov

    Board Observer at Xometry

    Building relationships with VCs

    Davit Buniatyan

    Building Database for AI

    Getting the most out of accelerators: how they work, how to choose the accelerator most fit for you

    Gary Sevounts

    Chief Marketing Officer at Socure

    Building strategic messaging, awareness, and industry leadershipand and establishing effective demand generation engines

    Gohar Galyan

    Business Development at Google

    Networking and Building Relationships: SV Business Etiquette, Removing Barriers of Communication

    Hamlet Azarian

    Growth hacking Expert

    Growth hacking strategies frameworks and tactics

    Levon Brutyan

    Growth hacking Expert

    Early Stage Fundraising

    Magdalena Yesil

    Entrepreneur, VC, Author, Board Member, and Immigrant

    Networking and Building Relationships: SV Business Etiquette, Removing Barriers of Communication

    Mariam Hambarchyan

    Lead User Researcher at NeoSensory, Inc.

    Habit forming products

    Nerses Ohanyan

    SVP of Customer Success at Vineti

    Startup Charm School: Do's and Don'ts

    Oren Knopfmacher

    CEO Avails Medical Inc. - Medical Diagnostics Entrepreneur & Digital Sensor Expert

    Raising funding in Biotech

    Rohit Dewan

    CTO & Executive Officer at Rakuten

    Failure, resillience and stress management

    Ryan Southwick

    Team Builder, Passionate Software Developer, and Scrum Evangelist

    Hiring for Resillience

    Subbu Viswanathan

    Compliance Officer and SVP, Quality, Security & Compliance at Vineti

    Creating a culture around compliance, security, and privacy: why starting early matters, how to start, lessons learned and templates to use

    Suzanna Khatchatrian

    Senior Director of Data Engineering at Slack

    Overview of Data Engineering at Slack

    Tushar Makhija

    Early stage SaaS executive

    Fireside chat

    Vahe Kuzoyan

    President & Co-Founder at ServiceTitan

    Builsing a unicorn: hustling, getting through tough times, always be selling mindset

    Yervant Zorian

    Chief Architect at Synopsys

    The Art and Science of Listening — Conducting User and Customer Discovery Interviews

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    As well, personal contributions were received from Vahe Kuzoyan and Arsen Gevorgyan.



    HyeTech is a gathering of Armenian professionals who share the technical, business and entrepreneurship savvy that makes the Silicon Valley a unique place to work and live.


    Investing in capable, unstoppable and unbreakable teams.
    Backed by Tim Draper and seasoned tech entrepreneurs, SmartGate is a venture capital firm targeting tech companies in AI, Security and IoT.

    Globally - Global Entrepreneurship Foundation

    Hosting and supporting
    Globally is a 501c3 nonprofit organization registered in Berkeley, California. It supports Armenian entrepreneurs and provides hosting since 2012. Over 30 tech entrepreneurs were hosted by Globally team.