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HyeTech brings together entrepreneurs to make meaningful impact on the world through a trusted community and a focus on building great teams. The HyeTech community formed in Silicon Valley and Armenia and leverages the highly connected global Armenian technology network.

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HyeTech leverages the trusted community to share unique lessons, develop best practices and create support.


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How it works


Social events in cities around the world bring people together regularly to meet and get to know each other and create a close-knit global community.


Programs and special events promote sharing of ideas, showcase products and provide entrepreneurs opportunities to learn and iterate together.


Community tools provide members a way to communicate effectively, be informed and leverage a shared knowledge-base to accelerate growth.


Enterpreneur Immersion Programs

EIPs are designed to provide promising Armenian startup founders the opportunity to learn what in Silicon Valley is conducive for global startups. Typically it's around 2-week-long intensive program in Bay area aiming to help the founders to understand how best to engage with Silicon Valley on an on-going basis and draw maximum value, discover key subject matter experts and business leaders in their industry, including competitors, partners and potential customers and experience tempo and highly competitive nature of building startup.

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Showcases and brainstorms

We host showcases and organize brainstorms of the latest trends and innovations in the tech industry. HyeTech invites entrepreneurs and tech experts to share their experiences and success stories. These showcases could be based on different themes such as artificial intelligence, blockchain technology or cybersecurity.

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We organize regular meetups and events to bring together entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts for networking and mentorship opportunities. These events can include workshops, panel discussions, and guest speaker sessions, providing a platform for startups to learn from experienced entrepreneurs and gain insights into the latest trends in the tech industry.

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