• HyeTech EIP 2019

    February 15-24, 2019

    Los Angeles and Silicon Valley



    HyeTech EIP 2019 has been designed to provide promising Armenian startup founders the opportunity to learn what in Silicon Valley is conducive for global startups. It's a 10-days intensive program in Los Angeles and Silicon Valley aiming to help the founders to:

    • understand how best to engage with SV on an on-going basis and draw maximum value;
    • discover key subject matter experts and business leaders in their industry, including competitors, partners and potential customers;
    • experience tempo and highly competitive nature of building startups in 2019;
    • feel the vibes and dynamics of SV culture;
    • practice more frequently empathy in personal and professional relationships.
  • 10










    Mobile app, providing unique effects for video recording.

    Expper Technologies

    Business assistant robot powered by ML allowing to provide personalized, real-time customer support.


    An all-in-one platform that handles the whole cycle of an event rental business management.


    All-in-1 solution to setup email authentication effectively and quickly.


    Mobile app helps tutors and teachers to run their online sessions using any touchable mobile device.

    On Your Way

    Allows users to transport products from USA stores to Lebanon and earn enough money to cover their round-way trips.


    Mapfeed to the social media game thus adding layers to classify content by relevance.


    Day to day risk management for retail traders.


    An AI that does real time face to face swap on mobile device.


    Provides latest esports news, scores and stats, allows following teams and players.


    Developing smart bags with 7 unique and carefully designed smart features incorporated into them.


    Helps pharmaceutical sales reps deliver their message with confidence while supporting compliance.

    Retention Force

    Helps to maintain customer retention for beauty salons and related wellness industry.


    Qualitative optimization using cutting-edge mathematical know-how and deep analysis of the particular complex logistic system.


    Allows to anonymously share opinion and see what others think based on gender, age, race, location, and political leaning.


    Startup founders met successful entrepreneurs and investors, received presentations on various business topics and advice. Important components of the program were visits to accelerators and investment firms and hearing from the first source what investors are looking at and what are the changes in the venture capital that entrepreneurs should be aware of in 2019. The program culminated into a pitching competition on Feb 22.

    The main focus of the Program was on:


    setup and turn on sales engine


    design and execute fundraising strategy


    maintain and grow team in different countries



    Ronald Weissman

    Chairman, Software Industry Group at Band of Angels

    How Venture capital works and Silicon valley

    Hamlet Azarian

    Growth hacking Expert

    Growth hacking strategies frameworks and tactics

    Vach Hovsepyan

    VP of Customer Success at ServiceTitan

    Setting up and scaling Customer Success in vertical SaaS

    Zach Noorani

    Partner at Foundation Capital

    VC trends in 2019 and beyond

    Artyom Poghosyan

    CEO and Co-founder at Britive

    Building and exiting a company: how it works

    Vahe Baloilian

    Strategic Adviser at BetConstruct

    Growing out of Armenia

    Tushar Makhija

    Early stage SaaS executive

    Learn. Unlearn. Learn. Getting to your first $1M ARR

    Tigran Sloyan

    CEO at CodeSignal

    Early stage fundraising

    Tigran Shahverdyan

    Co-founder and CTO at Robomart

    Lessons learned from RoboCV

    Taron Lizaguh

    Founder and CEO at Knoxlabs

    Hustling right: Knoxlabs story

    Suren Markosian

    CEO and Co-founder of Epic

    Journey of Epic and challenges: how I dealt with them

    Stephen Edmondson

    Director of Paid Media at Four15 Digital

    Top 10 tips for startups looking to start paid advertising

    Shahan Khoshafian

    Mentor at Runway: The Innovation Hub

    Sales for early stage startups

    Nerses Ohanyan

    SVP of Customer Success at Vineti

    Startup Charm School: Do's and Don'ts

    Mariam Hambarchyan

    Lead User Researcher at NeoSensory, Inc.

    Habit forming products

    Levon Brutyan

    Founder and CEO of Collectly.co

    Networking and building relationships in US

    Laura Biliazarian

    Venture Partner at SaaStr Fund

    First Sales and Cross-border growth

    Lara Lagerquist

    Sr. Director of Creative, Janie and Jack at Gymboree Group

    Branding in US

    Ian McFarland

    Executive, Global Solutions Delivery at ConsenSys

    Building cross-border teams

    Bertram Meyer

    Co-founder and CEO at OneDome Global

    European founders built a class-leading US company

    Armen Margarian

    Co-founder and CEO of AppearMe and NexusLab

    Legal Session

    Armen Berjikly

    Senior Director of Growth Strategy at Ultimate Software

    Building Teams

    Allan Young

    Co-founder and Chairman at Pavo IoT

    Brand Building in the US Market

    Al Eisaian

    Co-founder and CEO of IntelinAir


    Nina Achadjian

    Principal at Index Ventures

    Investor deck design and presentation

    Raffi Krikorian

    CTO at the Democratic National Committee



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    As well, personal contributions were received from Gohar Galyan, Berge Ayvazian, Davit Baghdasaryan, Artavazd Minasyan and Laura Bilazarian.



    We are better together

    HyeTech is a gathering of Armenian professionals who share the technical, business and entrepreneurship savvy that makes the Silicon Valley a unique place to work and live.


    Investing in capable, unstoppable and unbreakable teams

    Backed by Tim Draper and seasoned tech entrepreneurs, SmartGate is a venture capital firm targeting tech companies in AI, Security and IoT.


    Hosting and supporting

    Globally is a 501c3 nonprofit organization registered in Berkeley, California. It supports Armenian entrepreneurs and provides hosting since 2012. Over 30 tech entrepreneurs were hosted by Globally team.